Friday, November 28, 2008

You go girl

If you've seen Christina and her weird performances these days, you might have, like me, thought she has lost her mind like everyone else in Hollywood eventually does.
This performance has totally made me respect her again.
So, so amazing.

Demi Lovato sings National Anthem

Um damn.
This girl is 15.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adventureland Trailer

This looks pretty good.
The cast is kind of awesome.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hotdog, for real

Omg, I'm dying.

Husband flips out over mac & cheese

By Mark Young
The North Platte Telegraph

An unemployed 48-year-old North Platte man was arrested Saturday after police said he assaulted his live-in girlfriend with a cooking pot because he was upset she made him macaroni for dinner.

Donald J. Jacobs Jr., of 2300 E Philip was arrested by North Platte police responding to a call from the alleged victim. According to police investigator Dale Matuszczak, officers responded to the couple's home in Key Estates about 3:30 a.m. Saturday after the girlfriend contacted police saying she had locked herself in the bathroom and feared for her life.

"She had a cut on the bridge of her nose and a bruise on her face," Matuszczak said. "The apparent weapon was a cooking pot, and it must have been a significant hit because the handle of the pot was broken."

According to the police report, Jacobs was intoxicated and assaulted his girlfriend with the pot when he discovered she made macaroni for his dinner. The assault caused the food to be tossed throughout the residence, as he struck her with the pot, according to the report.

The police report stated that there was a child in the home at the time of the assault. Matuszczak said that police have had to respond to the couple's residence a number of times in the past.

I knew men were ungrateful, but this is just ridiculous.

How big is the whale?

Too cute.
I watched this over and over again.

That was totally me at a family wedding a couple years ago.
No joke.

Who What Wear

love it.

Fashion Blunders

Um, what?
Why do they look like middle-aged women?
Aren't they promoting HIGH SCHOOL Musical?

Pregnant no more

Woa, is it just me or has she lost a lottt of weight?
She was so cute before!

We're the dancers

If you haven't already seen this skit from the recent SNL, you MUST watch this:

Justin never disappoints.


Crazy video.

TRL Finale

Last night was the TRL finale.
Although I wasn't an avid watcher, TRL was definitely a constant in my life when I was growing up.
I taught myself the Genie in a Bottle dance because of the show!
It's really weird to me that it is now over.
Here's one of the performances from last night.

Brings back those 90s memories.

Friday, November 14, 2008


It's even better than the first one I posted.
My goodness, this looks utterly amazing.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

11 year old guitar prodigy

This is Sungha Jung.
He is 11 years old, and amazing.
Seriously I'm in awe.
I don't know that much about playing guitar, but it's not hard to see that he's so so talented.
Check out more of his videos:

Mambo 5


Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale

It's going on right now!
There's a lot of really good markdowns, so make sure you check it out:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A quick break

Today is such a historic day for us Americans and it feels so unreal.
I feel very lucky to have been able to vote today, and I hope all of the people old enough to do so did.
I'm wishing so hard that when I wake up tomorrow, I will have some hope in our country and our future.
It's about time for change.

Riding Boots

I've wanted riding boots for the longest time now, and I haven't been lucky enough to find a pair yet.
The one's I've come across are either too expensive, or not cute.
I've been looking everywhere, from Payless to Nordstroms.
I ran across this pair from Urban Outfitters.
It's pretty simple and what I want...but it's $158.

Are they worth it?!
I really can't decide.

Alexander McQueen for Target!!!

"Target in March will launch a new fashion initiative called Designer Collaborations. The program will bring the styles of well-established designers to the mass merchant at typical Target prices. Alexander McQueen is the first on deck and will design a version of his McQ collection called McQ Alexander McQueen for Target. The collection will have rock 'n' roll influences and edgy details such as studs and tattoo-print fabrics. Designer Initiative is a separate program from Target's Go International, which focuses on young or emerging designers. Target said additional Designer Collections will be announced in the future. Each collection will be available in stores for a limited time".

omgomgomgomgomg, I am SO EXCITED.

The Soloist

Thanks to my wonderful friend So's blog, I came upon the trailer for The Soloist.
It looks really, really amazing.
I never appreciated classical music when I was younger, but now it's such a beautiful thing to me.
I should've tried harder at piano like my mama told me to!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Best children's costume, ever

I hope you all had a crazy good time celebrating Halloween!
On a last ghoulish note, how awesome is this girl's costume?

Amazing, and actually really scary.
I'm already thinking of my costumes for next year!

Would you buy this doll?

Um, creepy.
I can't believe this commercial was for real back in the day.

Just a quick work break

These adults are psyched.
Look out for the woman with the mom jeans sprinting towards the crowd with her hands in the air.