Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Zoolander 2?!

I believe it was Owen Wilson who first told me about a potential "Zoolander" sequel. But this was years ago - I believe it was at the junket for "Wedding Crashers" - and have heard nothing of it since.

All these years later, the film's star and director, Ben Stiller, has confirmed plans to bring Blue Ice back.

The comic superstar, in London to promote the "Madagascar" sequel, tells The Sun "We’ve been trying to get Zoolander 2 together and we’ve had a few scripts. I feel that is the sequel I really would like to do some day because I like the original and I would make sure it was something new and worthy of it first".

Stiller also told the paper he's trying to get a third "Meet the Parents" up too.

Ah, I don't know if this is a good idea.
Sequels are never better than the original, or even close to being as good.
Except maybe Toy Story 2.



So Yun Um said...

oh dear.. seriously so horrible. and LOVE DEMI LEVATO!! LAVATO? I DONT KNOW BUT SHES SO GOOD.

Andrew said...

Well thanks. That comment just made my day :]

Just lemme know when you're in town and the three of us can go on an adventure :D