Monday, September 8, 2008

The VMA's

I'm taking a break from the Fashion Week posts because the VMA's were last night. It was...okay. The performances were all pretty cool, but the show itself was pretty lackluster. I think Britney should have performed, but maybe she'll be in even better shape next year. Here are some red carpet looks.

This dress is pretty, suits her well, and is appropriate for the event. Good job Audrina.

Definitely the best dressed guys there. They always look impeccable and dapper haha. I felt bad that they got picked on so much by the host.

During the commercial breaks these two rocked the house. I thought it was such a good idea by MTV because they sounded soo good.

The belle of the ball, Britney had a huge comeback by winning in all of her nominated categories. She looked pretty amazing too, like the old Britney. Hopefully it lasts.

Christina on the other hand...what in the world? This picture makes her look better than she did on TV, and even here she looks weird. Her entire performance was SO Britney, from the outfits to the dancing to the...lip synching. How disappointing. Her reign, if she ever had one, has been long over and she needs to step down. Hate to break it to you, but people will always, always care more about Britney.

This dress is pretty and very LC. Not a stunner but still nice.

As much as it pains me to say this, Miley looked really good. She dressed very age appropriately and the dress is cute. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Another sparkly dress, the Tizz looked kind of like her HSM character Sharpay, but not that bad. I guess she looks alright, but I do like her new hair.

Rihanna is simply a superstar. She can rock any outfit she wants, including this one. No one else can pull this look off. Her opening performance was amazing and proved that she is pretty much the new Britney. You go girl.

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