Friday, September 5, 2008


I want me some fall clothing. Actually, I just want clothes in general. I literally online shop almost everyday. Thankfully, I am pretty picky when it comes to actually buying clothes, so I'm not always broke. Here's a look at some stuff I want.

I've been looking for a leather jacket for quite some time now, but still haven't found one. The problem is usually the price of the jacket or how the leather looks. A lot of leather jackets out there look too shiny and tacky, and the ones I want are always over $100. I'm going to continue my search because I think leather jackets can make any outfit more casual and cool.

This Burberry coat is PERFECTION. Of course it is now and probably forever out of my price range, but look how beautiful it is. I can imagine it fitting like butta. Ugh, a girl can dream.
One of my life goals is to buy me at least one pair of Louboutins. Seriously, every girl needs to own a pair. They are definitely my favorite type of heels. I can imagine feeling like I'm on top of the world while wearing them. How cute would these heels look with that coat up there?

I STILL don't have a high-waisted skirt. I know this trend has been around for awhile, but I really do like it and think it goes really well with a lot of things. This is probably the only thing off of this list that I can realistically buy.

I love this cardigan. Actually, I love this whole look. For Fall, I would add a scarf and tights and I'd be ready to go.

I think this top is adorable, and it would totally go with the high-waisted skirt. However, it is definitely not worth $48. Urban Outfitters is so overpriced some times. Or maybe I'm just too cheap to pay that much for a top. Who knows.

This jacket is to die for!! I am in love. The cut, the pattern, the buttons, I love it all! How convenient that there is a big hood too. Of course, it is once again over priced at $128. Maybe it's worth the splurge? I don't know if I love it that much. I do not recall paying over $80 (at most) on any one item before.

I like this coat a lot too. The fit looks super flattering, I like the longer sleeves, and the neck part looks warm. I could see myself wearing this coat a lot. The difference between this coat and the one above is that a) it's way cheaper and b) it's simple so I can make more looks out of it. That's the reason I like buying plainer items of clothing, because I feel with clothes that have patterns that stand out a lot, it's harder to create unique looks. I think it's more noticeable to people when you re-wear those types of clothes.

I already have black and brown suede boots, so I really want a pair of leather ones. I think they add a different look to an outfit then suede boots do. They are also wayyy more expensive. I think they would be a good investment though because to me they never really go out of style.

So you see, I want a lot, but can barely afford anything off of this list. Ohh, the hardships of being a jobless incoming college student...


Anonymous said...

h&m has dope leather jackets for like $50

i got mine there

Rina said...

Ooooooh I'd love me some louboutins as well..

I know, it's really been forever! Yeah I don't move out 'til then either, so you two girls call me asap!

And my blog is locked 'cause I write on there whenever I get too lazy to get my pen and journal out to write... but I'll probably start writing something more relatable and less narcissistic sometime soon. So then you can read it ;) I'll let you know when the time comes.. haha