Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fashion Week Blunder

Clearly I have not updated about Fashion Week in a long while.
I actually stopped after posting only 2 days.
Sorry! I've been so very busy w/school so I haven't had the time.
I also save too many pictures that I like from different collections because I love so many things.
So, I'm going to try and be much pickier w/what I post so I don't get so overwhelmed again.

I'm going to start out w/some Alexander McQueen because my god, his collection was soo cool:

These dresses look more like pieces of art than just clothes to me.
Each one is so detailed and precisely structured.
I love the color and patterns on each one.
They're all so clearly cohesive but different at the same time.
And those shoes in the last picture!!!
McQueen kills it again.
Here's a link to the full collection, which I highly highly recommend looking through:

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