Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I really like the upper portion of this outfit. I feel like the whole look would be better if it was paired w/high-waisted white shorts instead of this skirt.

A great party dress! You can see the back in the next picture.

I'm still not over the one-shouldered dress.


I know this swimsuit (?) is kind of weird, but I really like the design of where it's sheer and where it's not. Also the makeup is really rad (sorry you can't see it that well).

How cool are those leggins?!

Herve Leger

The bandage dress in a different form. I really like it, along w/the boots.

Alice + Oliva

The bottom detail of this dress reminds me of another dress made by I think Marchesa, but made more youthful by the top cut of the dress and shorter length in the front.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think this may be the cutest romper I have ever seen.

Proenza Schouler

This is like a peacock dress! I love the rich green color and all the beading. If it was worn w/a blazer, tights and red shoes or something it could be a good Christmas party outfit!

Really love this one too.

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