Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas List/Present Ideas Pt. 1

It's finally the most wonderful time of the year!
Holiday Starbucks cups are out, I've had my fair share of Jack n the Box Pumpkin Shakes, and Christmas music is playing in pretty much every store I walk by.
This means it's a good time to start compiling Christmas Wish Lists/looking out for presents for loved ones.
Here are a few things that have caught my eye for both myself and for others:

This movie is just delightful. The music is good, the clothing is perfection, and the characters are lovable. This is the number one DVD on my list!
Purchase here.

These are probably the cutest laptop cases I have ever seen. The colors are bright and the byte (ha ha) out of each food item makes me chuckle.
Product info here.

This camera is probably the number one item I am wishing for. I have a traditional Polaroid camera that I love, and even though they are re-continuing the sale of film, it is too big and chunky to carry around with me. This camera is a modern version in a user-friendly size that produces smaller but no less charming pictures almost instantly.
Purchase here.


SO. said...

duuuuude!! yah i need to make my xmas list too!!! 500 days of summer for sure!

amyrottencore said...

This makes me extra excited to open presents with you on Christmas morning. I'm going to post my wish list now.