Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas List/Present Ideas Pt. 2

It's been raining quite a lot this week, which reminds me how seriously important rain boots are when you don't want to ruin your leather/suede ones.
I think these ones from Urban Outfitters are really cool because they'll match anything since they're black while they're interesting and unique because of the croc texture.
Big plus on how affordable they are.
These can be purchased here.

I've been dying for a good cross-body bag that I can use if all I need on me is my phone, camera and a bill or two, which is quite often.
This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag seems like the perfect solution for me.
Also, it's Marc Jacobs.
This can be purchased here.
If you don't feel like splurging so much on a bag, I found this cross-body bag from Fossil that seems like a great alternative and is very affordable.
It seems like it has more room to fit things and comes in 3 colors.
The only problem is that you can't tell from the website how big the bag actually is and for me personally, I don't want something that's too bulky.
Nevertheless it's cute, and since the picture won't save to my computer, you can see it here.
Notice the free shipping!

I want a Flip camera sooo badly.
I love filming my friends, other people's friends, random people, random things, the list goes on.
This is the perfect little camera for me to carry around and use whenever needed.
Although my digital camera's video recording feature isn't half bad, I would much rather have a legitimate video camera to use.
Plus there are tons of cute designs that you can pick to have printed on your camera.
Too cool.
For more product details go here.

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SO. said...

ive been trying to decide between the flip and the vado. the only thing i dont like is that the flip is recharged by batteries but the quality is better. eff.