Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Nitty Gritty on the City

So, whose been tuning in?
I sure have, and thanks to my relatively low standards in television, I enjoy it very much.
I don't believe it will be as successful as the Hills have been, which viewership numbers have shown, but hey, I can see it going for maybe another season.

The different city shots of NY are a nice change from the bird-eye views of my hometown LA.
Not that I go to Les Deux and those toootttally cool LA hotspots, but NY is a tad bit further from my immediate reality which makes my television experience all the more joyful.

It's also a nice change to have new characters.
Whitney is doing pretty well as the front-runner of the show instead of the random pop-up of a character she was on the Hills.
Her confused, open-mouthed look still occurs a lot, which makes old viewers feel at home.

Her friend Erin is pretty cute, with that whole "downtown style and attitude," since the City is apparently all about dividing...the city.
In contrast, there's the doe-eyed " uptown social" Olivia, who is totally the real life Blair Waldorf, although not as likable and with pointier features.
I don't like the fact that she acts all philanthropic towards Whitney and feels the need to guide her, which she is obviously only doing because she is on Whitney's show.
Example: not inviting Whitney to her ~closest friends only dinner party~ and then inviting her after the producers probably told her to do so.
Newsflash: Whitney is new to NY, not to life, and she doesn't need your wannabe high-classiness to make it in the city.
Everyone knows Olivia is not respected in the whole socialite world anyway, especially not after being on the show.

Then of course there's the men.
Jay, who should be replacing the random guy in the picture above that has not been shown yet, is apparently the definition of a typical "downtown hottie."
He does indeed hold many hottie qualities: he's in a band, ruggedly hott (kind of needs a shower and a haircut), and is from Australia equipt with an accent.
Meh, I kind of got over it, but I can see why Whitney likes him (?).
That other model guy Alex, who is kind of pathetic and may or may not be the good guy on the show, is not very interesting.

Really all this mumble jumble does not matter, because the main reasons I am loving this show are the clothes and Kelly Cutrone.
She is the only authentic and cool part of the City.
Apparently she's getting her own show too, and I'll definitelyyy be watching.

So, what's to happen next on the City?
Who knows, but I will be obediently tuning in every Monday night at 10.

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