Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For the people that are just as upset as I am for the near end of Polaroids, fear not!
There is now an easy and free alternative encompassed in Poladroid.
This application allows you to drag any pictures from your computer into the "camera," watch the picture slowly develop, and voila!
A new polaroid picture.
Of course they aren't as cool as the real thing, but as you can see above, they look pretty darn real.
I took all of those photos with a regular digital camera, and with this application, they look pretty close to authentic polaroids.
Prettyy, prettyyy cool.


Andrew said...

hmm that's kinda nifty. Still...nothing's gonna replace polaroid :[

SO. said...

awww i do miss the polaroids... too bad i couldnt taken advantage of them when i had the chance...