Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wasitband Stretcher

"When your waistband feels too snug, reach for the Waistband Stretcher. You don't have to get rid of your favorite jeans, skirts or slacks thanks to this simple waist-band stretching device that lets you add from 1-5 inches (depending on size of garment) to the waist of cotton pants, skirts, and shorts. Just moisten the garment's waistband, insert the waistband stretcher, extend the garment to the desired size and let dry - voila, a more comfortable fit! Easier and more economical than taking tight-waisted clothes to the tailor for alterations."

Or more economical than going to the gym?
Having a healthy diet?
Making your clothes conform to you?
Only in the US of A.

You can purchase this through SkyMall: http://www.skymall.com/shopping/detail.htm?pid=69660335
Proof that this is not a joke.

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